What’s New in Developer Portal

Uploaded By User Specification For The Documents Endpoint

December 16th, 2022

• Added a new optional field user_email for /documents POST requests to specify the email of the user uploading it. If left unspecified, user_email defaults to the previous behavior of using the client admin. See the API docs for more details

Buyer's Consolidation Fields For The Shipments Endpoint

December 16th, 2022

• Added three new fields belongs_to_buyers_consolidation, parent_shipment, and child_shipments to the response for /shipments GET requests. The field belongs_to_buyers_consolidation is a boolean which specifies whether the shipment is part of buyer's consolidation and when true parent_shipment or child_shipments are populated to detail the shipment's relationship to the other shipments in the buyer's consolidation. Filtering on belongs_to_buyers_consolidation was also added. See the API docs for more details.

Create shareable URLs for Shipments

December 5th, 2022

• Added shareable URLs for shipments.• Read more in our Shipment API reference documentation

Granular Access Control for Public API

March 8, 2022

• A new method for developers to restrict access to a subset of APIs.• The new API access control method will provide authentication and authorization mechanisms based on the OAuth 2.0• The new API Credential mechanism allows clients to generate credentials to access only endpoints which are required. This provides a safeguard capability when access keys are shared both within the organization and with 3rd parties.• API credential tutorial can be found here