Does Flexport have a sandbox I can use for testing?

At this time, we do not have a testing sandbox available. We recommend using Postman to quickly test your API calls.

Where can I see the realtime status of Flexport's APIs?

You can view the status by clicking on the API Status tab or at You can also subscribe to receive status updates in your email inbox!

There's a feature in the Client App I'd like to have in the API- how can I request it?

If there's a feature you're looking for, we'd love to hear from you! You can email us at or contact your Flexport sales representative. You can also check for updates and new features on the "What's New" tab.

Can we retrieve quote/pricing information via any of the endpoints?

This information is not queryable via the API. Clients must log in to the Flexport Client App to view any quoting/pricing related details.

How can I get access to endpoints that require special permissions?

Please reach out to your Flexport sales representative if you are interested in using this endpoint.

Is there a way to expand all attributes?

The API does not currently support an expand=all option. We are evaluating whether to offer this as a convenience method for developers while also being mindful of potential downsides to API performance / response times particularly if overused. The following list provides customers with most of the detail they're looking for: expand=booking,ocean_shipment.containers.container_legs.leg,ocean_shipment.containers.items,shippers,consignees,legs.trucking_leg.container_legs.leg

Where can I ask additional questions?

You can contact us at or reach out to your Flexport sales representative!