API Credentials

Can I use the same API credentials on multiple systems?

While you can use the same set of API credentials for both systems, we recommend that clients use a different credential. This way, in case of an issue, we can easily tell which system is having problems.

Can I add more endpoints to my credential after creating it?

Once you've created an API credential, you can only edit the name and description. If you need access to another group of endpoints, you can create a new credential. There's no limit to the number of credentials you can create.

Is there a test API credentials that I can use?

If you are a Flexport customer, please work with your account executive to get a test API credential.

Does Flexport support OAuth 2.0?

Yes, Flexport's public API does support OAuth 2.0. More information is available in our Api Credentials Tutorial.

Why don't my credentials work when I call version 1 of the API?

Version 1 of the API is only accessible via the legacy API keys. We recommend not using version 1 as support for this version is limited.

How do I create API Credentials?

Check out our Api Credentials tutorial for instructions!Note: Only account admins can create Api Credentials.